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Trying Out Loving Hut in Robinson Township


As a man, I feel it’s my duty to eat like a man. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always parallel with living a healthy lifestyle. Much as I love my vegetables, complete meals sans meat or cheese or eggs doesn’t appeal to my caveman dinner instincts. Even the word vegan makes me think of starving hippies dancing to some mellow drum music. So, when my wife suggested we try a vegan restaurant franchise in Robinson last night, I cringed and started to formulate a plan to acquire a second dinner after this one to make up for the sparse portions I was about to choke down.

To my surprise, not only was the food filling, it was absolutely delicious. The restaurant is hidden in a small section of stores on Campbell’s Run Road, typical asian window blinds and low key appearance. Inside was a clean, very white, but somehow elegent dining area. I was nervous about it being almost empty but decided to tough it out. We had a meal of Chow Mein with “protein strips” (fake meat that tasted VERY good), accompanied by some soy chicken and special rolls. The food was delivered quick, hot, and tasted great. After I woofed mine down I sat back and, lo and behold, I was full!!!

Would I eat here everyday? No, I am not a vegan, I love real meat. However, I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant to anyone seeking a healthy alternative to some Thai or Asian cuisine options in the city.  It’s a shame vegan gets such a bad rap. I can still say I am a man. I can say I was full. I can also say I ate vegan, and it was pretty good. I suggest you do the same.