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Gluuteny partners with local frozen yogurt stores, Sincerely Yogurt

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Sincerely Yogurt Announces Gluten Free Offerings

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, October 11, 2012–Sincerely Yogurt, Inc. the Pittsburgh based frozen yogurt company recognized for being on the vanguard of healthy solutions, has announced the latest achievement in their continuing quest for the right healthy products to carry on their menu. This task involved searching for offerings that meet Sincerely Yogurt’s high standards for nutrition and quality. According to Sincerely Yogurt’s CEO, John Major, “Our search led me to discover and partner with Gluuteny, the Squirrel Hill based bakery dedicated to providing gluten and dairy free baked goods to the public, especially those with Celiac Disease.” He added, “We are happy to add these delicious gluten free baked goods to our menu in our ongoing efforts to improve and expand our offerings to our customers at all of our locations.”

Mr. Major found the perfect compliment to his own healthy choice philosophy in the new relationship with Gluuteny whose pedigree is strongly entrenched in alternative nutrition offerings. By offering popular Gluuteny products like the gluten free pumpkin loaf, at all of their Pittsburgh area locations, Sincerely Yogurt is making gluten free products more accessible to Celiac diagnosed people and others who are simply interested in a gluten free lifestyle.

About Sincerely Yogurt

Sincerely Yogurt was the first frozen yogurt self-service restaurant to open in the state of Pennsylvania. At Sincerely Yogurt, we provide a healthy alternative to frozen desserts that encourages people to live a healthier lifestyle. We’re dedicated to creating an awareness in our customers to achieve the goal of maintaining proper “balance” in individuals’ eating habits. It’s the best philosophy to combat many health related issues, including childhood obesity, therefore we strive to help improve our customers’ quality of life by offering a variety of products and services that promote a healthier lifestyle.
Sincerely Yogurt Inc. serves authentic NON-FAT & Low-Fat frozen yogurt, which is made with all natural ingredients that contain no artificial flavors or colors. All of our yogurt flavors (except Original and Green Tea) are certified by the National Yogurt Association (NYA) to ensure that our customers are maximizing their health benefits while enjoying our products. Additionally, Sincerely Yogurt provides a large variety of yogurt smoothies and other products.

For more information on Sincerely Yogurt and their seven locations in the Pittsburgh area, go to For franchising opportunities Franchising opportunities are available to qualified applicants. Inquire for general franchising information via email visit or call 1.855.826.5524.


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