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Trick AND Treat Those Taste Buds!

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Happy Halloween!!!!

I am not a big candy person, but this time of year I could seriously nosh on some nerds, Reese’s peanut butter cups and tiny candy bars to an unhealthy degree.  The only holiday that is more candy tempting is Easter…blasted Reese’s Eggs.

I am not eating much more than veggies and protein supplements right now so, I don’t have any good healthy versions of sweets for you, but I have discovered how to trick and treat my taste buds!

Something I have learned on this journey is that I often crave a flavor combination, not necessarily the actual food the taste is associated with.  For example, my pizza craving is not so much about the crust or even the cheese.  Think about it.  What are the primary sources of flavor with pizza…the sauce and the toppings.  So, when I discovered cauliflower crust pizza, I had my craving quenched.  I barely use cheese…

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