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Total Optimal Movement Training

1 day back and the questions already started;

Tom, how do I get a six-pack?

What exercises will give me tight abs?

I want a washboard stomach?

You get the point.  So the rest of the conversation tends to go like this;

Me: Stop drinking.

Client: No really, how do I get them?

Me: Stop drinking.

Client: No there has to be another way?

This goes on for a few minutes, ending with a very unhappy student.

I asked around for what people were doing and I put this together early on as a strength coach and felt to share it now;

Case 1

LightBeer 96 kcal per 12 oz can 12 Beers 1,152 kcal No nutritional value
Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza 430 kcal per Slice 5 slices 2,150 kcal Some nutritional value
Taco Bell Nachos 345 kcal per serving 2 690 kcal No nutritional value

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