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Judgment Day

Tiff Push up

Across all human movement– pushing, pulling, squatting and running– keeping a tight core and externally rotating  your shoulders and legs is essential.  Now, what exactly do we mean by “keeping it tight” and “external rotation?”

After particularly harsh workouts, the gift that keeps on giving is the epic soreness that lingers for days.  As Schwarzenegger would tell you, this deep discomfort is actually disguised reward, proof of your hard work, a signal that muscles will become strong.  The soreness can become a sick joke though, when normal, day-to-day activities become exceedingly difficult, like pulling open a drawer after 100 pull ups.

If you’ve ever been “lucky” enough to torch your abs, you’ll find that these muscles have a ridiculous amount of influence in just about everything you do.  “Stop making me laugh! It hurts too much.”  Standing, breathing, reaching, sneezing.

In the gym though, we treat our abs like an afterthought.  Or worse, we focus…

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