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I have recently been enlightened of the fact that all of humanity can be divided into two basic personality types–an Order Muppet or a Chaos Muppet.  This “Unified Theory of Muppet Types” as described in Slate Magazine’s article by Dahlia Lithwick posits that “Chaos Muppets” are those of us who tend to be emotional, free-thinking, spontaneous, disorganized, etc. etc. Some classic examples include Cookie Monster, Ernie, Swedish Chef, Grover.  On the other hand, “Order Muppets” belong in the more organized, regimented, play-by-the-rules, surprise-averse sector of the human race. Some quintessential Order Muppets include Bert and Kermit the Frog. Most people I know fall somewhere on the spectrum between Order and Chaos Muppets…Except me.  I am 100% a Chaos Muppet.

I appear to have been predestined to be surrounded by Order Muppets.  My mother is the strongest Order Muppet I know, with my mother-in-law coming in at a close second.  My…

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