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I began this blog with a question: how does the FDA regulate food in America? The more I look into it, the more it appears the answer is “very poorly”. A recent study has found that roughly a third of the fish in the United States is mislabeled in restaurants, fish markets, grocery stores, and sushi bars. Now, as a rule I do not eat fish, so my initial reaction was a bit apathetic; it didn’t really affect me at all. Still, though, I was a bit turned off by the thought of one fish being replaced by an even less appetizing fish. I knew this would cause a lot of backlash in the fishing industry and the venues that were mislabeling them.

Obviously, the fact that a third of the fish sold in American is mislabeled is a bit frightening; that is not a small fraction by any means. It begs…

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I honest to God don’t know. Can one say what one is? How does one define one’s own sense of being alive? I think it is this hum, or buzz, blah blah blah blah blah blah, that keeps on talking inside one’s head. A stream of babble. The inner voice that never, never, never shuts up. Never. What is it saying? One can’t listen; if one listened, it would be, I think, the moment just before death. Cynthia Ozick from an interview in The Paris Review.

photo-5A year of meditating, for the most part. I can’t help myself: I look for accomplishment and what it’s all meant. I give myself a good talking to. If you’re looking to accomplish something, Lori, you’re not really meditating. Life isn’t easy, but meditation is simple.

Here’s the recap of my first year of meditating:

February 18, 2012 Soon after moving into…

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A heedless rush always surrounds us; we’re always in a hurry to reach our workplace, back home and also catch up with friends in the meanwhile. But what about the food we eat? Our diet is usually hampered and there is no time to follow the chart. It then becomes extremely necessary to eat right with balanced amount of calories and enough nutrients.

Being a working woman on the go even I face difficulties in planning my food chart. We all work about our waist-line but then it facilitates the idea of eating right and healthy at the same time. This hectic schedule and the need to eat right made me discover a great solution to this problem, and I have been practicing it for quite some time so that I can now, confidently share it with my clients and readers:

There are three easy steps to a healthy diet…

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So I have been working out hardcore since August 2012. My normal routine is Monday and Wednesday 30 mins of cardio on the treadmill on the hill interval along with a crossfit strength training routine that I change up. Tuesday and Thursday I go to Zumba for an hour, and Friday and Saturday I would go to Power Pump class for an hour. So that would put me at 6 days a week of working out!!! I immediately saw major results in my body. I went from 170lbs to 162 and lost a lot of inches from all over my body; then I hit a plateau recently. It is now February, and I had so switch things up to confuse my body. I don’t know about you guys but my body gets used to a routine easily. My workout partner and I started this new 6 week slim down from…

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Be A Size You

I recently found Molly’s Suds through one of my favorite blogs and I was dying to try out their product to see if this was something that I could include for daily laundry use.

Workout clothes, sports gear and unmentionables need special care so I spoke with Monica (owner of Molly’s Suds) and she graciously sent me a sample of the ALL SPORT liquid detergent along with dryer balls.

Mollys suds

I did a happy dance when I received the box. Immediately opened the cap and smelled the detergent.

Heaven. No chemicals. It smelled like Orange. From using sweet orange essential oil.

Certified Vegan. Biodegradable. No SLS/SLES or Phosphates.

And it CLEANS!!!

The most common question people ask when they try out green products is whether or not it will do as good of a job as traditional cleaning products.

They absolutely do. And I think they work better.  You don’t have to…

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