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Sharing My Food

This is a really hard diet and I’ve had my own ups and downs to be certain. There probably hasn’t been a night when I haven’t come home and munched on a few crackers or chips. And I find it very difficult to drink all 5 shakes every day – yesterday, for instance, I only drank 3 of the shakes not including my recovery drink after my workout.

If you visit Testosterone Nation (T-Nation) where they sell everything you need for the V-Diet, they also try to get you to buy their recovery drink powder. It’s disgusting. I threw it out because I couldn’t drink it after a workout. I use Accelerade which is a cheaper version of the recovery drink that Beachbody tries to sell you. Accelerade can be found at GNC or The Vitamin Store.

One of the hardest parts about this diet (or really any diet, I…

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