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Pos: CF

DOB: 10/10/1986

Ht: 5’10

Team: Pittsburgh

B/T: R/R

Wt: 185

McCutchen, Andrew

Batting: 70

Speed: 60

Arm: 50

Power: 60

Defense: 60


Stance: Open stance that he strides into a straight up stance.  Slightly bent knees, with hands chest high.  Very relaxed approach as he rests the bat on his shoulder until the ball is getting ready to be released.

Approach: Aggressive hitter with a line drive swing.  Draws a lot of walks, but also strikes out quite a bit.  Strike outs are not significant based on his ability to hit for a high average.  No key weakness that pitchers can focus on in order to get him out or get him to chase.  Likes the ball down in the zone, and slightly outside.

Hitting Ability: Great line drive swing, real quick hands.  Bat stays in the zone a long time.  High average hitter who will consistently hit…

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