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Be A Size You

I recently found Molly’s Suds through one of my favorite blogs and I was dying to try out their product to see if this was something that I could include for daily laundry use.

Workout clothes, sports gear and unmentionables need special care so I spoke with Monica (owner of Molly’s Suds) and she graciously sent me a sample of the ALL SPORT liquid detergent along with dryer balls.

Mollys suds

I did a happy dance when I received the box. Immediately opened the cap and smelled the detergent.

Heaven. No chemicals. It smelled like Orange. From using sweet orange essential oil.

Certified Vegan. Biodegradable. No SLS/SLES or Phosphates.

And it CLEANS!!!

The most common question people ask when they try out green products is whether or not it will do as good of a job as traditional cleaning products.

They absolutely do. And I think they work better.  You don’t have to…

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