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Back to the Basics: Nutrition Tips for Healthy Eating

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• Limit frequency of restaurant dining and fast food
• Limit frequency and portion size of desserts
• Drink 8-11 cups of water daily
• Avoid or limit all beverages with calories
• Make slow, gradual changes to nutrition plan

• Eat a variety of vegetables as frequently as possible
• Try to include all colors throughout the week (red, orange, green, yellow, purple)
• Season with herbs and spices rather than sauce, cheese, butter or oils
• Aim for vegetables to cover half of the entire plate

• Try lemon juice, vinegar or vinaigrette on salads (For a kick try salsa with fat free sour cream)
• Dip the fork into dressing first to limit the amount, but still add flavor
• In recipes, substitute applesauce for margarine, shortening and oils
• Remove hidden or unnecessary fat: butter on bread, cheese in sandwiches, use mustard rather than mayonnaise

• Choose lean cuts (loin, round, or flank)
• Avoid heavily marbled…

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