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Whole Foods to Require GMO Labeling – Finally

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My observation has been that despite its plethora of free-range, organic products and its earth-tone hued packaging artistically displayed on its softly lit shelves –  Whole Foods Market is not without a few puzzling inconsistencies.  For one, CEO John Mackey has come under attack for a few things – claiming that global warming isn’t that bad, comparing Obama care to fascism, demonstratively espousing capitalism and the free market… But perhaps most surprising of all, Whole Foods has been somewhat wishy-washy and unwilling to draw a completely straight line in the sand when it comes to GMOs… until now.

It appears Whole Foods is taking a strong stand in favor of GMO labeling.  This could be very good news!  I live about 2 miles from a Whole Foods and shop there about once every two weeks.  This commitment to labeling GMOs may point my Honda in that direction a bit…

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