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Home Remedies for Those Late Nights Out

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Hangover CuresIt happens.  In all our effort to stay happy, healthy and in shape every so often we might still enjoy one drink too many.  That being said, there are a number of healthy ways to avoid that horrible hangover the next morning and quickly get back on track.

Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs.  Not only are they packed with protein for a boost of energy, but they also contain chemicals that help to rid the body of leftover toxins, thus helping to reverse liver damage.  Add some spinach, mushrooms or bell peppers for an extra antioxidant lift.

While most of us will grab a quick cup of coffee to help sober up, consider switching to a nice cup of ginger tea with honey instead.  Ginger has been proven to help settle the stomach and battle nausea, and by adding some honey you’ll fill…

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Eating More Healthy

The Wandering Barefoot Editor

I watched the documentary Hungry for Change last weekend with my husband and by the end we are both determined to eat better. We paused the documentary  several times to discuss what was presented. Did you know there are 80 different names for MSG? Did you know aspartame causes formaldehyde to build up in your brain causing serious medical problems? Did you also know MSG and aspartame cause you to GAIN weight? I did know that most Americans are starving even though they are overweight because they don’t eat the right kinds of food to get the correct nutrition. I had this experience a couple of weeks ago. I forgot my lunch and had to grab something quick and inexpensive. I went to an unnamed fast food restaurant and ordered a burger, fries, and diet soda and gobbled it up. I couldn’t figure out two hours later why my stomach was literally…

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When We Should Eat

Thinking Outside the Pill Box

Sometimes when you eat is just as important as what you eat. Take a look at this excerpt from my book:

“A discussion of how you structure your food intake through the day has mostly to do with weight management. There are a couple of general principles to follow: First, eat when you are hungry. Second, try to consume most of your food in the first half of the day, prior to being active, when you are going to use up the energy. Avoid eating a lot at night prior to being sedentary and going to bed. I doubt this is news to you. The first recommendation is to keep your metabolism going so it doesn’t shift into “starvation” mode. The second recommendation is to distribute your energy intake to when you need it most.

There is that old saying that you should have “breakfast like a king, lunch like…

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